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The man page for "xsetroot" discussed that bitmaps are made from the program
"bitmap", and the man page for that says that a bitmap is simply made up of
1's and 0's; so my quess is you wouldn't be able to convert your many color
image into a bitmap as impressive as your original .tiff.

Instead, try using the 'display root:' options of the program XV; available
via ftp :

    xv by John Bradley.  X-based image display, manipulation, and format
    conversion package.  XV displays many image formats and permits editing
    of GIF files, among others. The program was updated 5/92; see the file
    contrib/xv-3.00.tar.Z on

Actually, the last revision was 3/30/93, at least what I have.

This program will read your .tiff file and display it as your "root"
background, if you choose that option.  You can crop, coloredit, shrink,
etc. with XV.

XV is not a freeware program; John wants some cash if you use it
on a regular basis.  See the README file included.  XV also reads and
displays .bmp, .gif, .pbm, .ppm, .jpg, and uncompressed sunrast file formats.

This is not a paid advertisement, just some advice on a handy utility
program from a fellow GRASSuser who has found it useful.

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