using sites to re-categorise rasters and polygons

Lars Schylberg larss at
Thu Nov 25 02:07:20 EST 1993

> What I have is a raster which has values which correspond to a site list 
> for areas corresponding to the thiessen polygons. But, I have a site 
> database with 100 attributes, and I want to allocate the various site 
> variables to the corresponding raster locations for all of these variables.

You could convert your site list a raster file with that option in
or with, if your site list is in the format y|x|#attribute.
Then you could run r.stats on the sites_raster_file and 
the thiesen_polygon_raster_file to establish the relationship between the 
thiessen polygons and the attribute.  That can then be piped into r.reclass 
via a small awk script that removes the zero categories r.stats list 
from the site_raster_file. All this could nicely be handeled in a
little script.

Good luck!

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