Raymond Venneker venn at geo.vu.nl
Thu Nov 25 10:08:31 EST 1993

Sorry but...,

I happen to feel strong sympathy for Ron's remark that he does not
want his contributions to this list be used for profit making. As to
the status of the list archives, two questions:

	1. are the lists contents part of (the documentation on) GRASS?

	2. do the lists/documentation fall under the same distribution/
	   reselling restrictions as the GRASS code?

If yes, then the material may be used in a commercial action provided
the profit comes entirely from the part added by the selling party.
(See Marji Larsons *interpretation* on legalities of 23 Nov, it is
similar to what I understand on this matter.)
I think digesting/editing/summarizing is not much of an addition
process so all charges should equal expenditures. Or am I wrong?
Could the digests besides paper publication be placed on the moon
for anon ftp? After all, that's where the material came from in the
first place.

Nota Bene: I'm not against profit and certainly not accusing Mark of
trying to make a living. However, imho GRASS is a typical product of the
Internet/PD phenomenon and that is from where it should be proliferated.
If this excludes a certain part of the world population from joining,
bad luck. (Vendors etc. can still provide GRASS et. al. under
the restrictions.)

Finally: I don't think multiplying the amount of documentation makes it
better. A number of documents on the moon could be updated or merged
(by the authors or people having permission) into improved quality
documents on both beginners' and advanced level.  I think the best place
to start editing are the online g.manual pages -- with the list archives
at hand.

Flames welcome, Raymond

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