J.M. Ruiz jruiz at gea.cedex.es
Fri Nov 26 13:04:49 EST 1993



I am a recent GRASSuser. In our work in Hydrology we have to convert ARC/INFO 
files (watersheds) to GRASS. We are running v.in.arc command with these 

type = polygon

lines_in = created with UNGENERATE command (ARC/INFO) with option LINE

points_in = created with UNGENERATE command with option POINT

text_in = created with UNLOAD command in TABLES (ARC/INFO), which saves a ASCII file containing selected records and items (watersheds categories).

But the output of v.in.arc (a vector file in GRASS format) does not contain the categories in areas.

Could anybody help me?. Would it be possible to label automatically these areas
in GRASS vector file with categories of these areas in ARC/INFO after running 

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