overwhelmed by grass-lists mail?

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Sun Nov 28 15:15:44 EST 1993

Many may not be able to get the info.* groups since they are not
widely distributed, but may feel overwhelmed by mail from the grass
lists. A few at my site felt this way.  So, I've constructed a
quick-n-dirty solution that works for ordinary users (no root access
required): a filter that uses a .forward file. Mail from
grass-lists-owner is saved in a separate spooler.
Those interested may snag it from

It comes with no guarantees/support/etc and I've only tested it on one

This is not to discourage active participation, but just to ease the
barrage of email. Hopefully, we'll someday get the USENET link moved
to comp.infosystems.somewhere, but until then...


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