J.M. Ruiz jruiz at gea.cedex.es
Mon Nov 29 13:07:23 EST 1993



I am trying to export Grass vector files (areas) to ARC/INFO. I run v.out.arc in order to create 3 ASCII files: prefix.pol, prefix.lab and prefix.txt

I followed GRASS manual and I can use prefix.pol and prefix.lab to create, with 
generate command, a coverage, but I do not know to put prefix.txt (containing 
categories and attributes information) into the created coverage in ARC/INFO.

I would appreciate any help, thanks

Juan M. Ruiz
Centro de Estudios Hidrograficos (CEDEX)
Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto 3, planta 3
28005 Madrid, SPAIN

Telephone: 335.79.51
Fax: 335.79.22
e-mail: jruiz at gea.cedex.es

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