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Tue Nov 30 08:15:24 EST 1993

>the inability or unwillingness of newer Internet user's to "get 
>up to speed"
There are many who use Unix workstations only because that is how they
get their work done. Email is just a tool that they use to network
with other professionals, to ask questions, answer other's questions,
and benefit from other's efforts and work so as not to re-invent the
wheel. Many of these people may not have any inkling of what the Internet
is and how it may be able to serve them. It is difficult to find time
and/or training to instruct people how to efficiently use the 'Net'. There
are many books on using Internet tools (telnet, ftp, gopher, WWW, etc) but
they are relatively new to the market. As the use of the Net grows there
will be more and more 'newbies' out there frustrating some of us (Yes, I get
frustrated sometimes too) that have been around the Net since its early days. 
I believe that as the use of the Net grows more texts will appear and more 
opportunities for learning how to use the Net effectively and efficiently 
will be available. What is "up to speed"? There will some who never
will become Internet gurus, mainly because there is no motivation for
them to do so. Their priorities are else where and we shouldn't hold it
against them that they are not up to our speed.

I just got the announcement for next years GRASS conference. Has anyone ever
thought of doing a tutorial on using the Internet, or exactly what is
on moon for anyone to peruse? Just curious.

>the "official" CERL view that we must communicate
>at the level of the least experienced user
So what did you expect? CERL is providing a service (programming and 
support for GRASS - in particular for the military community) and 
they attempt to keep their customers happy. To accomplish that they
MUST try to work at the "least common denominator". I believe VERY strongly
in the open software philosphy (originally known as the GNU Manifesto). Part
of promoting open systems (whether its GRASS or some of the other
quality software that is found on the Net) is answering questions and 
assisting others in trying to get up to speed in using these systems.

>But, it is their list, so I'll be content to let them answer the
Sorry you feel that way Ron. I think your contributions have been
valuable in the past and I am sure they will be missed if you stop
posting solutions to the list. I'll say it again - there is to much
for anyone of us to know it all, we all rely on others to provide some
of the answers. I hope you will reconsider your decision, even if your
responses are not "close-to real-time".

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