PCA problem

Lesley-Ann Dupigny dupigny at felix.geog.mcgill.ca
Tue Nov 30 13:51:42 EST 1993

Hello Grass Users

Last week I posted a query about being able to access
the eigenvectors/eigenvalues for my principal
components. I then followed Agus' suggestion to use
m.eigensystem on the output of r.covar. However, I
whenever I try to pipe the r.covar output file into
the eigensystem module using 
	m.eigensystem < inputfile
I get the error message "This command must be run
interactively". I also get the same error message
when I try to pipe directly from r.covar to
m.eigensystem using
(echo 3: r.covar map.1,map.2,map.3) | m.eigensystem

Is there some way of being able to input the (often
long) covariance matrix into m.eigensystem, without
having to type in all of the values manually?

Lesley-Ann Dupigny.

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