help me

Agustin Lobo agust at eno.Princeton.EDU
Tue Nov 30 14:04:37 EST 1993

> Hi, netters,
> I am a completely new to GRASS. We just got GRASS4.1 installed.
> Could anyone tell me how to get started on using it? I would like
> to use GRASS as a tool in my PhD thesis, which is about ground water
> and landscape modeling of Western Desert, Egypt. I just need the
> stuff to get started, but I find no tutorial on the moon for
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Wei Luo
> Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences
> Washington University, St. Louis

A great start would be reading the manual. You can download it
or use and g.manual. Please, use the list for concrete
questions, we are thousands of users.
If you cannot even start the program and you really cannot
find your way, you can send e-mail directly to me (so do not use
just reply to this message, it would go to everyone again)
and I'll try to help.


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