? d.text error

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Fri Oct 1 11:00:43 EDT 1993

NVG8105 at mvax31.ntou.edu.tw (NVG8105 at mvax31.ntou.edu.tw) writes on 1 Oct 93:
> I've recently compiled grass4.1 on a sun sparc10 clone and am
>receiving an error message when attempting to use d.text that
>says "temporary file not found".  I've recompiled and linked

I don't find this error message in the source (though it 
could be generated by a library function), but I do find:

          G_fatal_error("Unable to open the temporary file.");

You may have a problem with creating temporary files (is
the file system with you database full?)


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