GRASS 4.1 Update Package 2

Russ Hougland hougland at
Fri Oct 1 16:51:30 EDT 1993

********** ANNOUNCEMENT ********** ********** ANNOUNCEMENT **********

This posting is to announce to the GRASS user community that the
second update package for GRASS 4.1 is now available via anonymous ftp
from (IP Address:  Please note
that this update should be applied to GRASS 4.1 which already includes
update package 1.  Included in this update are these fixes for the
following GRASS and XGRASS programs:

    expanded Gmakefile dependencies and made it work on intergraph


    made it compile on intergraph

    made it compile on intergraph


    deleted references to beta release.
    restored several xclip files (interfaces to commands)


    made it compile on intergraph


    made it compile on intergraph


    made it compile on intergraph

An 'UPDATES.2' file which contains a more detailed description of the
changes is included with the update package.  There are two files
which you should retrieve from the grass/grass4.1/update_packages
directory on the ftp site:


The README.2 contains information about unpacking and installing the
update package.  The upd_pkg.2.cpio file contains the actual update.

If you experience problems ftping these files write email to
grass-ftp-admin at

If you have problems installing or using the update package write
email to grassbug at

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