Has anyone installed GRASS on a parallel computer system?

SHIH at cl.uh.edu SHIH at cl.uh.edu
Fri Oct 1 18:44:48 EDT 1993


Thanks for taking time to reply.  I am with the computer engineering 
program here and have no experience in GRASS.  I am trying to port 
some applications to parallel RISC clusters to bridge our environmental 
institute and parallel computing research here.  I need to know what 
has been done and try to build on.  It will be a big help, if I can 
access to the result or experience you have.  I need to know for example 
if GRASS is a good candidate to be ported to paralle systems.  Which part 
of GRASS require improvement in resolution, accuracy, or speed fron the 
GRASS users' view?  Hope to hear from you soon.  

Liwen Shih 
Computer Engineering, U. Houston - Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058
(713) 283-3866, (713) 283-3707 (fax)
shih at CL.UH.edu

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