.tmp files in a long shell script

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Sun Oct 3 22:52:52 EDT 1993

"Jane Rossing" (rossing at swlab.aben.cornell.edu) writes on 3 Oct 93:
>GRASS certainly seems to create a lot of .tmp files one directory above
>the one I'm using!  Are they of any use, or should I delete them (adding
>a command like rm -r ../.tmp) at regular intervals?

if noone is running grass, then they are probably safe to delete
(assuming that no background job is running). 

If anyone identifies a problem with temporary files hanging around,
see if you can figure out which program put them there and then file a
bug report (using bug.report.sh). 

This is may be indicative of sloppy programming. I'm sometimes guilty,
but after writing one program that used a *lot* of tmp space and
filling my quota, I've tried to clean up my act (and src code).


P.S. does anyone know where unlink() is defined?

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