r.le memory savings

BAKERWL BAKERWL at corral.uwyo.edu
Mon Oct 4 10:17:25 EDT 1993

Tom Moore of the Petawawa National Forestry Institute in Canada has
discovered a way to save significant memory in the r.le.dist, r.le.patch,
and r.le.trace programs.  This makes it possible to analyze maps containing
many more patches (i.e., several thousand patches), and speeds up the
programs by perhaps 10%.  The proposed changes will be in version 2.1 of
the r.le programs, which I am working on now.  However, if you would like
to makes these changes now, send a mail message directly to me (not to the
grassu-list) and I will send you a list of the code changes.  Thanks to

	Bill Baker
	bakerwl at corral.uwyo.edu
	Univ. of Wyoming

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