Susan Stitt susan at
Mon Oct 4 12:50:45 EDT 1993

>Ken Gardels writes:
>>> > 
>> > Also, what about proceedings from previous GRASS users' mtg?
>> There were no proceedings from the 93 conference, but the conference
>> program included abstracts and contact points for almost all the
>> presentations.  If you  are interested in seeing proceedings for 94,
>> voice your opinions to OGF, or you can mail me directly and I will
>> scope out everyone's interests.
>	What about the '92 GRASS Users Conference at Denver,
>	which was supposed to have a published proceedings --
>	whatever happened to that ???

>craig Neidig

Craig and all interested parties,

The NPS just received approval from the Department to publish the
1992 GRASS Users Conference proceedings using a full four-color printing 
process.  We will be printing 500 copies through the GPO and will 
mail out copies to all attendees of that conference this winter using 
the list of attendees (and addresses) produced at that meeting.  

Those of you who were registered participants at that meeting and 
have changed addresses, please send your new address to gary at

Thank you all for your patience.

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