XDRIVER failing to repainting on some X11 Servers?

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Tue Oct 5 11:06:45 EDT 1993

Lawrence Houston (houston at norton.geog.mcgill.ca) writes on 2 Oct 93:
>We recently observed a problem with GRASS 4.1's XDRIVER (Spring 1993 -
>Patch Level #1) as it runs on some of our X11 Servers and but not others. 
>Hoping that some "nice" GRASS User(s) might be able to provide an
>explaination for a problem with failing to repaint displayed images after
>being covered partially or fully by another windows.  With the binaries

as you have deduced, this seems to be a problem with the server
(and not grass). I've personally never noticed this behavior
using Sun or MIT servers.


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