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Laxmi Prasad Musunur mlp at
Wed Oct 6 09:37:37 EDT 1993

	Here's our entry for a RasterGraphics-422 color station.  But your
problem probably is not related to the entry in  etc/paint/ps.devices directory
and is probably related to itself. We did overlay vector on raster and
it worked! We're using grass4.1 static available on moon [so definitely it's a
older version].
	Why don't you try just one raster and one vector file ?[If you haven't
tried it already :=)]

Laxmi P. Musunur (mlp at

1. Entry in ps.devices
filename: rg422_400
#Each PostScript device must have a device description file
#in the $GISBASE/etc/paint/psdevices directory.  The name of
#the device description file is used as the name of the
#PostScript painter.  A device description file contains the
#following information (default values are shown):
level: 2
page width: 22
page height: 34
top margin: 3.0
bottom margin: 1.0
left margin: 1.0
right margin: 1.0
resolution: 400

2. A simple sample script file for
raster southeast_mss
vector alabama.boundary
        color yellow
        width 2
        masked y

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