HP Paintjet XL300 printer

Anabel Donadios anabel at tilo.datsi.fi.upm.es
Wed Oct 6 13:10:59 EDT 1993

I want to print Grass maps to our HP PaintJet XL300 printer. I have tried to
use the HPXL300 driver under src.contrib/OTHER directory but It's not working.
The command is:
	p.hpxl300  [fast|slow] [map]
This command is a shell script:

if [ $# -ne 2 ] ; then
        echo "p.hpxl300  [fast|slow] [map]"
        exit 1

oldprinter=`p.select -p`
if [ $1 = 'slow' ] ; then
        p.select hp300xlNS
        p.select hp300xlNF

mkdir $dir 2> /dev/null
p.map $2 2> $outfile
if [ $? ]; then
        echo "Sending p.map output to printer"
        lpr -s -Ppj $outfile
echo "DONE"
p.select $oldprinter
exit 0
When I run
      p.hpxl300 fast name_map

the next message error appear:

/usr/bin/lpr: option -Ppj not recognized

And it's right because the -P option is not recognized for lpr script.
Usually we use
	lp -dlpc -oraw -onb name_file
but I can't print either.

Could anybody give me some information about the HPXL300 driver? I can't understand why there are 4 drivers (hp300xlF, hp300xlNF, hp300xlNS and hp300xlS) but
the p.hpxl300 shell script only select two (hp300xlNF, hp300xlNS). It's possible
 to generate HP-GL2 through this driver (line /*  Set the HP-GL2 Window */ in int.c file)?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Anabel Donadios
E-mail: anabel at tilo.datsi.fi.upm.es

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