G_azimuth (was: Wish List)

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Oct 7 09:31:09 EDT 1993

Gerald I. Evenden (gie at charon.er.usgs.gov) writes on 7 Oct 93:
>>G_azimuth(lat1,lon1,lat2,lon2) - library function to calculate
>>          azimuth + perhaps some related functions.
>There are two azimuths to return in this function: azimuth from pt. 1
>to pt. 2 and pt. 2 to pt. 1.  Also, is this a geodesic or rhumb line?

pt. 1 to pt. 2 along a geodesic (as G_distance) is what I was thinking
of, but the point was that these types of functions are missing.


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