NEW: graph plotting scripts

Raymond Venneker venn at
Fri Oct 8 07:38:20 EDT 1993

I've placed two files in the grass/incoming directory on the moon:
graph.README which is partly reproduced below, and graph.tar.Z.

If you get/test this stuff I would like to know if you have any comments.
As Craig Anderson suggested a couple of days ago, I'll keep a log of
responses to find out if there is a potential need for things like this.

graph.README	(Wed Oct  6 23:37:35 MET 1993)

The file graph.tar.Z contains two shell scripts to extend the graph
plotting capabilities of GRASS. They are basically frontends for
gnuplot (or g.gnuplot). If you don't have <g.>gnuplot installed (see
below), they won't work.

  - produces a histogram of the cell values from a single 
    raster map. Gnuplot needs to have the `boxes' plotting capability
    (version 3.4 and later).

  - produces a bivariate scatterplot of the cell data from two
    raster maps. (Works with older gnuplot versions as well.)

I have tested these scripts on a sun4 (SunOs 4.1.1, /bin/sh). Partial
testing (without running the GRASS commands) succeeded on an i386/387
equiped with NetBSD 0.9 (/bin/ash, gawk).

    ./graph/Gmakefile	  gmake4.x dependencies
    ./graph/README	  this file
    ./graph/[hs]  formatted manual pages, install manually
    ./graph/[hs]  unformatted manual pages, install manually
    ./graph/[hs]	  sources, install with gmake4.x

Consider it experimental GPL-ed stuff that comes ``as is''. If you find
these programs useful contributions to GRASS, find bugs, have comments,
ideas for enhancement, etc., please e-mail to <venn at>. ..... skipped

Raymond Venneker
Institute of Earth Sciences
Free University Amsterdam
venn at

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