Walker Lake data set

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Sun Oct 10 08:41:02 EDT 1993

Chris W Skelly (gewcs at jcu.edu.au) writes on 10 Oct 93:
>Has anyone heard of the Walker Lake data set being available through

I have the following:

MACHINE: pasture.ecn.purdue.edu (,,
DIRECTORY: pub/mccauley/data
DESCRIPTION: Micellaneous data sets
LAST UPDATED: Wed Aug  4 02:26:41 EST 1993
00index.txt                     This file
nitrate.tar                     3D nitrate data (for a field down to 3 ft)
nitrate.README                  Essential reading for above
app_geost.dat.Z                 Isaaks and Srivastava, _Applied Geostat_
coalash.Z                       Cressie, _Statistics for Spatial Data_
pinetree.Z                      Cressie, _Statistics for Spatial Data_

Above is just table 6.1 - I'll try to locate the exhaustive U & V
data sets and make them available soon (I have them somewhere - just
have to find them). I do not have the entire DEM.


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