r.line stops partway through

Simon Cox simon at cerberus.earth.monash.edu.au
Mon Oct 11 11:47:16 EDT 1993

Following up my weekend message:

I have written a r.mapcalc to remove the "isolated cells".
Now r.line only reports the crowded cells (only a few), but it *still*
stops part-way down the image.  When I tried it on a smaller region
of the image, it ran right through and reported

> GRASS 4.1 > r.line input=k300thin1.1 output=k300line1.1
> Opening files
> Performing extraction
> Closing files

quite happily.  This seems to suggest that there is a built in limit to
the size of maps that r.line will process.  Can anyone confirm this?

Simon Cox
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