Colors and GRASS, recap.

Dave Beverstock bever at
Mon Oct 11 09:39:40 EDT 1993

Just for the record, I did not compose the body of the following
message.  Someone else did.  I just saved it (it was posted to the
list quite some time ago), and forwarded it to the list last week.  I
thought the true authors were listed at the bottom.  Apologies for any
confusion I might have created.

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<On Fri, 8 Oct 1993, Dave Beverstock wrote:

<> Accepting that you limit the number of colours you assign to 220 
<> or so, the second component of the problem has to do with the
<> X-windows environment.  Although you can theoretically access any
<> of 16.7 million different rgb combinations to create your 220 colours,
<> Normally in the /usr/lib/X11 directory is a plain text file (rgb.txt) 
<> that has a list of r,g, and b values, and colour names, which
<> describe the colours that you can _actually_ access (I guess).  

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