Call for Papers: "Advancing the Capabilities of GIS"

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon Oct 11 11:40:30 EDT 1993

        Call for Papers: "Advancing the Capabilities of GIS"
                   (Proposals due 20 October 1993)

                            A Session at 

             "Engineering for Sustainable Development"
1994 International Summer Meeting of the Am Soc of Agricultural Engrs
       (joint with Irrigation and Drainage Groups of ASCE)
            19-22 June 1994, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This session is geared toward those involved in software development
for geographic information systems.  Developers (commercial and
research) are urged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Papers are solicited on the following topics of GIS development:
statistical enhancements, spatial interpolation, improved querying
capabilities, general modeling interfaces, new macro languages, AND
OF GIS.  Novel applications (e.g., specific model/gis links) may be
acceptable, but the emphasis will be on general improvements and new
capabilities that are of wide spread interest.

Presentation Proposal Forms (see below) are due 20 October 1993.
Send them to: James Darrell McCauley
              Dept of Agricultural Engineering
              Purdue University
              West Lafayette, IN 47907-1146
              FAX: 317.496.1555
Notification of acceptance will be in Februrary 1994. 
Those presenters who are accepted will be encouraged to prepare papers
for distribution in the ASAE paper room at the meeting.

A full Call for Papers may be obtained from ASAE, 2950 Niles Rd,
St Joseph MI 49085-9659 USA, tel: 616.429.0300, fax: 616.429.3852.
This is but one of 85-100 sessions at this meeting. Another session
that may be of interest to GIS audiences is:
"When Expert Systems Intersect GIS"

1994 International Summer Meeting Presentation Proposal Form
19-22 June 1994, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This form must be received (with your signature) by 20 October 1993.
Please type all information.

1. Presentation title (3 to 8 words):

2. Abstract: In this space provide a summary describing what your proposed
   paper will cover, the results expected, and the importance of this work 
   to the general public (no attachments please - keep this whole thing to
   1 page).

3. Key words (up to 5, none of which appear in title):

4. Complete name, address, telephone number and ASAE number (if a member)
   of person making presentation. NOTE: ONLY THE PRESENTER WILL RECEIVE
   Fax number and email address, if available, are encouraged.

5. Biographical Data:

6. Co-authors (list by name only):

7. Has this material been presented elsewhere?  If so, where?

8. Printed paper availability: will/will not be available for distribution.
   Type of presentation method: Lecture, One-on-one display, Either

9. Is this a progress report or a report on a completed project?

10. Will your presentation include recommendations for revisions of any
    ASAE Standard or for the development of new Standards?

11. Name of session for which this proposal is intended:
    Advancing the Capabilities of GIS



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