installation on HP9000/720

Andrea Giacomelli andreag at
Wed Oct 13 14:35:25 EDT 1993

I have performed an installation of grass4.1 on an HP9000/720 (HPUX v 8.02) with X11R4.
During compilation I reported the following problems:

Gave -in a first run- a "cc Internal error 7816". However, at a second
attempt, the day after, the error was no longer reported (???)

and /src.alpha/imagery/i.smap
/bin/ld found duplicate symbols: G_alloc_ivector
in /src/libes/LIB/libgis.a (ialloc.o)

Can't find include file in
/includes.h  9: X11/Xos.h
/includes.h 11: X11/Xlib.h
/includes.h 12: X11/Xutil.h
(I installed anyway the CELL display driver).

I tried only a couple of commands(for the moment), with different results.
d.display does not behave properly: I have no way of fixing the coords with the
mouse; d.ras does not display anything.
Rather than testing the commands with a random pattern, I would like to know if
my installation procedure was correct.
I must say that at my place it is quite difficult to obtain information from
the administrator, and that my knowledge of UNIX is not of high level (but 
growing, no doubt: I'm going through loads of manuals to solve things on my 
There are a couple of things (I thought of) that maybe could be held
 responsible for some of the misbehaving:

- In the setup script, I was not able to specify the XIntrinsics path
- I gave no compilation flags to the compiler
- I used no XEXTRALIBS

I thank anybody who will give me some advice. The best thing would be to have
a log of another installation on the same type of system to follow the right
steps and to specify all the correct parameters.

                                                Andrea Giacomelli
                                              Politecnico di Milano (I)
                                             andreag at

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