XDRIVER failing to repainting on some X11 Servers?

Olga Waupotitsch olga at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Wed Oct 13 11:05:46 EDT 1993

In info.grass.user you write:

>> Lawrence Houston,
>> McGill University.
>wants to know why his Grass-monitor fails to repaint. For what it's
>worth, on our system (RS 6000, AIX 3.2.2, X11R5) we can startup
>Xwindows with the -bs (backing store) flag and force repainting.

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Exacltly correct. The commented out code was making sure Grass monitor
would run without backing store brovided by Xserver. So if you don't have
backing store, uncomment the code I mentioned earlier.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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