Idrisi VECTOR FILE conversion

Susan Stitt susan at
Thu Oct 14 08:43:27 EDT 1993

Jim Ludwig <ludwig at> writes:

>Hi.  I have some Idrisi vector files which I need to import to GRASS.
>I am not familiar with the format of DLG or ARC/INFO (or GRASS) vector
>files, or I would simply do the conversion.

>Does anybody have some routines out there to convert Idrisi vector
>files to either DLG or ARC/INFO or GRASS vector files (or maybe even
>to import Idrisi vector files directly)?  Or, alternatively, does
>anybody have some documentation on the format of any of these other
>vector file formats I mention?  We are using GRASS4.0, and we have no
>other GIS systems.

>Thanks in advance,
>	jim

I don't know of any routines for moving idrisi VECTOR files to grass. 
The idrisi project is working on a module to move RASTER files
so a person could convert and move and  convert again.  IDRISI can
read dlg format but not write it...  A beta copy of the raster 
conversion program exists.

nthorwar at

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