import of binary files

Bob Harrington bobh at
Mon Oct 18 13:09:53 EDT 1993

> I have a binary file containing raster data. How do I make it 
> accessible by GRASS ? Do I have to manually create the files
> for cellhd,colors etc ?

I don't think so.

> I have been browsing through the on-line manual, and though I have
> found things such as, I could not seem to find what I need,
> even though it seems VERY strange.
> I thank anybody who will solve this (stupid, but basic) problem.

Maybe you could use the UNIX command od to create an ascii file, and
then tack the requisite GRASS ascii header onto the top of the od
output, then read it into GRASS using  Some kind of
awk filter might be used to chop up the od output into the right arrangement
of rows and columns.

>                                        Andrea Giacomelli
>                                      andreag at
> P.S. I have been using GRASS for two days...

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