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Mon Oct 18 17:37:16 EDT 1993

	One more thing;

	When you created the cell header for the raster file, you understand
the original file structure. For example, the default GRASS raster format is
8-bit uncompressed format. However, GRASS takes 16-bit or RLE compressed format.
To create the GRASS cellhd file, you need to understand the exact the binary
coding method for your raster files. Otherwise, you should try different 
options for your cellhd file until you get the real picture.

Song Wang
wang at

> > I have a binary file containing raster data. How do I make it 
> > accessible by GRASS ? Do I have to manually create the files
> > for cellhd,colors etc ?
> > I have been browsing through the on-line manual, and though I have
> > found things such as, I could not seem to find what I need,
> > even though it seems VERY strange.
> > I thank anybody who will solve this (stupid, but basic) problem.
> >  
> Put the binary file in $LOCATION/cell, then run  This will
> step you through the various supporting files, and give you the option
> to create them if they don't already exist.  If you know the row, column
> dimensions and are in an x,y location, this is a fast and easy way to
> get your data into GRASS.
> Neel Smith
> nsmith at

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