SMAPS/Lite ShareWare

Doug Dotson dotson at
Mon Oct 18 22:17:59 EDT 1993

GRASS Folks!

Since the SMAPS 5.2 Cave Management System has import/export support
for GRASS files, I thought I would post this announcement here for any
that might be interested.  I am not currently on the "grassu-list" due
to my lack of time to read all the messages lately, please send any 
questions directly to me at "dotson at". The text of the
announcement follows:

Dear Cave Mapper,

The SMAPS/Lite package is a subset of the SMAPS 5.2 Cave Management
System from Speleotechnologies.  It was originally devised as a
means of running SMAPS in the field on harddiskless notebook and
palmtop computers.  It became so useful I decided to release it as
shareware.  This allows a mapper to "test drive" SMAPS.

	SMAPS/Lite and SMAPS run on MSDOS machines.

	SMAPS/Lite is copyrighted software and is not being
	released into the Public Domain.  It is being released
	as shareware.

	If you like it and feel that you find it useful, please
	register it by following the instructions in the
	readme.1st file in the ZIP archive.

	When you register, you will receive the complete SMAPS 5.2
	users manual and support services via Internet or telephone.

	What a great deal!!

SMAPS/Lite includes the hierarchical file system and intelligent
survey editors that have been the hallmark of SMAPS for over 10
years.  The complete plotting package is also included.  All printer
drivers are also included for many dot matrix printers and HP laser
printers.  Sorry, no plotter drivers with this one.  Statistical
functions including rose diagram trend analysis is included.

What has been removed from SMAPS 5.2 to create SMAPS/Lite is:

	GRASS GIS import and export support.
	Loop Adjustment
	Attributes (color and line styles)
	SEF import and export support.
	Contour map overlays.

SMAPS/Lite is distributed as 2 ZIP files.  "" is the complete
package with printer drivers for HP laser printers and Epson printers.
The remaining drivers (25 Total) are in the file "".  Hopefully
this will allow most people to download the smaller "" file and
save some time.

SMAPS/Lite is available via Anonymous FTP from the following sites: in /pub/cavers-archive/incoming/ in /pub/caving/

Registration should be sent to:

	P.O. Box 504
	Owings Mills, Maryland 21117-0504
	(410) 356-9076

Internet address:


I hope that this will provide the opportunity that is intended for
a test drive of SMAPS.  Any comments and questions are welcome.

					Good Cave Mapping,

					Doug Dotson, President

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