bulk label lines

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Tue Oct 19 19:36:17 EDT 1993

Virginia Jackson (jackson at era.com) writes on 19 Oct 93:
>Does GRASS 4.1 have a non-interactive "bulk label lines" command?  
>I like the v.alabel command and I was hoping that v.llabel (or whatever)
>already existed.

I modified v.alabel to do this just now (only took a few minutes).
It may need some testing, but it has worked on the test cases that
I threw at it.

It's available via anonymous ftp from 
(a gzipped tar file)

Instead of contributing this to 4.2, I may try to merge the changes
into one program for areas, lines, and sites and require the user to
specify a -l flag (or a -s flag for sites). This would be much
cleaner. However, this should suit your needs for the time being.


P.S. gzip/gunzip is available from prep.ai.mit.edu

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