Two scripts avaible on

Jianping Xu jianp at
Wed Oct 20 10:10:31 EDT 1993

Dear All:

I have put two small scrpits and the manual pages in the grass/incoming 
directory on the They appear as two compressed files:

	d.rast.leg.TAR.Z 	( and
				A handy tool for displaying a rast map
				and the map legend on one graphics window.

	d.zoom.last.TAR.Z	( and
				A handy tool for interactively changing
				geographic region settings, and tracing
				the previous region settings. It can be
				used as an "undo" in zooming.

Jianping Xu					 
Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis	 Email: jianp at
Rutgers University			 	 Phone: (908) 932-9631
New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0231			 Fax:   (908) 932-8746

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