Helena Mitasova helena at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Wed Oct 20 14:26:08 EDT 1993

Dear Grass users,

we put a new flowtracing program r.flow writen by
Maros Zlocha and Jaro Hofierka from Bratislava, Slovakia on moon. This
program was designed for the analysis of spatial distribution
of water flow on hillslopes and to compute the parameters
necessary for modeling hillslope water erosion and deposition
 (see Grassclippings, Spring 1993, Surfaces and modeling column)
The program has a very strict condition
for ending the flowline, which prevents
the flowlines to spread in flat areas or through singular points
and what keeps the estimations of upslope areas and flowpath lengths
withing the range of values reasonable for hillslope erosion using
USLE, RUSLE or Unit stream power based models.
We will soon release a program r.resample.tps which you can use
to smooth and resample to higher resolution your DEM in case
it has too much noise and insufficient vertical or horizontal resolution to
get good results from r.flow.

Please read manual page.

This is an alpha program and your bug reports and comments are welcomed.
Please send them to Jaro at hofierka at devin.fns.uniba.sk, if you have
problems unpacking the files send email to Irina at irina at zorro.cecer.army.mil.

To install r.flow :   
1) Create an appropriate directory and copy the file there
2) uncompress it (by saying "uncompress filename"). You will get  a file
3) Unpack the files by saying "sh filename.shar". You will get files
   that you need for compilation, Gmakefile and manual file

Helena, Jaro and Irina

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