new script on moon

Bill Jackson jackson at
Thu Oct 21 12:02:43 EDT 1993

I have placed a bourne shell script on moon in grass/incoming as

The script is intended to clip a vector file based on a rubber-band defined
window. The script allows the user a one time zoom option and then zoom again to
define the area to be clipped. The file name is announced when completed and is
displayed in red. The category numbers and attributes are carried over in toto
from the original file which tends to make run slower... oh well.

Also, it runs slowly on large vector files and there may be a limit to the size that it can handle as awk can only handle up to a certain file size. But the
script can be put into the background and will echo the new file name to
the screen when done. 

BUGS: probably

If you can improve it, feel free to do so and send me any changes.

Bill Jackson			e-mail jackson at
EN Division
Land Inventory Monitoring and
Assessment Team

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