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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Thu Oct 21 16:55:05 EDT 1993

Hello, Jean
For reasons unknown to us, there is a limit of 1,000,000 cells for color output
and 3,000,000 cells for grey-scale output set in My co-worker Anne
Gisiger has been working on several modifications to this program; eventually
we will have the cell limit tied to the device file. 

(I should mention that I personally have not seen the particular error message
that you got; BUT, you can try the following anyway:)

In the meantime, you can make fixes yourself in map_setup.c:
lines 79 & 80:
        if (PS.grey || PS.level == 1) limit = 3000000L;
        else limit = 1000000L;
Simply replace the limit value with the max number of cells that you wish to
allow. We are not sure why he has a larger limit set for the gray-scale choice.
We bumped the limit on line 80 up to 10,000,000 just to try it. Anne has added
a couple of printf's to illustrate what is happening:
after line 80:
      printf("Original values\n      num_cells: %i\n      cells_per_inch: %i\n",
              num_cells, cells_per_inch); /*Anne*/
after line 99 (now 101):
        printf("New values \n      num_cells: %i \n      cells_per_inch: %i \n",
                 num_cells, cells_per_inch); /*Anne*/
FYI, a raster layer containing 8 million cells resulted in a 49 megabyte 
PostScript file!! Beware of your disk space.

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