Trimble GPS input

Ronald Thomas ront at niwot.CFNR.ColoState.EDU
Fri Oct 22 11:01:39 EDT 1993

I'm in need of some advice in modifying the code in order to
correctly import some vector ascii files produced by the Trimble Ltd.
Pfinder software.  

The format produced by Pfinder has an error; the coordinates come out
easting - northing instead of the northing - easting that
requires.  All other parts of the Pfinder produced ascii vector file 
are correct.  

I have heard that a simple adjustment of the code (and
recompilation) can result in a version of that will correctly
output a binary file from the flip-flopped coordinates.  I have a message
in the my NPS counterpart that I heard this from, but am in need of a fast
response, and will GLADLY accept any advise that can be offered.
 I have thought of trying an AWK script, but the structure  of the ascii
 vector file has the columns interrupted by line/area definitions and
number of vertices information, making a `simple' solution difficult.


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