coordinate conversion

Richard Beecham beecham at
Sat Oct 23 12:10:33 EDT 1993


I am after some advice re the best way to go about converting lat/long to UTM.
This will be the end process in converting a dxf tape of soil landscape data to
a raster map of same in UTM.  I originally thought that mll2u would do this
conversion (ie create the files with the new information), but evidently what
this does is convert only the user specified points.

Looking through the manual i.rectify, i.points etc, using the numbers from
m.ll2u  looks as though it would work so I am going to give this a burl. Could
somebody tell me if this is the right approach for coordinate conversion, or am
I missing something in m.ll2u.  Also what would an appropriate density of points
be to generate an accurate transormation matrix.

Yes I am a beginner!  

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