i.tape.mss (pre-1979 BIP2 format)

Greg Gaston gregg at russia.cor2.epa.gov
Mon Oct 25 12:54:42 EDT 1993

I have a question about the i.tape.mss utility.

Some Background...

I have two 9 track MSS tapes, one in a band sequential format (1989)
the other from 1975, in the "MSS X format", which is band interleaved by
pixel squared (or pair?).  After making an exact copy of the tapes on 
8mm format (I can't directly access our 9 track); I have sucessfully
extracted the header info for the 1989 file.

The Question....

The 1975 MSS X, format will not read... the message indicates that "this may 
not be an MSS file".  Is there a limitation in this utility? or am I 
missing something?


Greg Gaston
gregg at russia.cor2.epa.gov

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