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Subject: Re: i.tape.mss (pre-1979 BIP2 format)
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    gregg at (Greg Gaston) writes:
>I have a question about the i.tape.mss utility.
    [details deleted]
>I have two 9 track MSS tapes, one in a band sequential format (1989)
>the other from 1975, in the "MSS X format"...
>The Question....
>The 1975 MSS X, format will not read... the message indicates that "this may 
>not be an MSS file".  Is there a limitation in this utility? or am I 
>missing something?

The grass 4.1 i.tape.mss utility only deals with BIL formatted tapes, and
not the pre-1979 X-format tapes.  Scenes in X-format consist of 4 vertical
swaths, each swath being a file with all 4 channels interleaved in scan
lines by pixel pair.  Each file has some header info, as does each scan
line.  A while back I kludged together a routine written in the IDL graphics
language to demultiplex the swaths into the constituent image bands, and
then join the swaths.  It was just a quick hack, but if there is any
interest I'll post it (if I can find it!). 
Chris Wood	<chris at>
Chris Wood	<chris at>

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