d.what.site and d.site.edit

Srin srin at brcsun0.tamu.edu
Tue Oct 26 13:58:39 EDT 1993

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There are two programs available at anonymous ftp site


at location pub/outgoing/srin

the name of the files are d.what.site.tar and d.site.edit.tar
move both the files to src.alpha/sites directory

use "tar xvf d.what.site.tar" to undo the file
use "tar xvf d.site.edit.tar" to undo the file
then use gmake4.1 to compile it.

Any comments to improve this are welcome and can be directed to

srin at iiml.tamu.edu


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There is change in ftp site, try brcsun0.tamu.edu or iiml.tamu.edu

and not brcsun1.tamu.edu

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