Information required

Fri Oct 29 16:51:00 EDT 1993

Hi Sastry:

Office of Academic Computing at UCLA is in the process of SP1 installation
& Configuration.

We will be very much interested in using "Parallel GRASS" once it's developed.
Let me know where it stands, and target dates.

Ravi Kutumbaka.


> Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 16:01:30 EDT
> From: svdhara at NPAC.SYR.EDU(Sastry V. Dhara)
> Sender: grass-lists-owner at MAX.CECER.ARMY.MIL
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> To: grassu-list at MAX.CECER.ARMY.MIL
> Subject: Information required
> We are working on developing "Parallel GRASS" by rewriting parts
> of GRASS as it exists.
> The hardware platform we will use will be SP1 and/or Connection Machine
> ( CM5 ).
> In this context, we are looking for information on potential users
> of "Parallel GRASS" and would like to know the hardware specifications
> of their existing machines.
> We are looking for information from both Federal and non-Federal agencies
> in this context.
> I request concerned parties to post their responses here or send me
> mail at:
> svdhara at
> Thank you.
> Sastry Dhara
> Northeast Parallel Architectures Centre
> Syracuse University
> Syracuse, NY
> Ph: 315-443-2083

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