r.in.erdas problems

Jim Stafford jimstaff at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Tue Dec 13 06:59:03 EST 1994

Dear grass users,
I have been having problems with r.in.erdas.  Specifically, I have gotten
a raft of erdas files from local university all developed for the same
project.  Some of these r.in.erdas brings in fine and others it gives no
error messages during conversion but when I display the raster map, it
consists of mostly vertical bars with only a few rectangular cells.

I am using the version of r.in.erdas contained in grass4.0 release because
the one I have for grass4.12 gives me a memory allocation error during the
conversion process.  This error is accompanied by "starting coordinates"
of, something like, "4252318,8349231" rather than the expected "31,1".

Further, I have had success with erdas files that were 4-bit or 8-bit, but
not 16-bit.  Is there an update of erdas that will handle 16-bit data?

If anyone has any experience with these problems, I would thank you for
your help.

Jim Stafford
email: jimstaff at freenet.columbus.oh.us

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