NON-GIS: Holliday Spirit Anyone?

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Tue Dec 13 11:34:27 EST 1994

Please excuse the non-gis nature of this post.  I hope the holliday spirit
will allow you all to forgive this exception.  It sounds like a very
simple worthwile contribution we can all make.  For those on the grassu-list,
please excuse the double post.


-Eric Lambert

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Here's a holiday idea:

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>>Want to do a kind thing for some hungry kids this holiday season?
>>If not, press delete now. If you have a heart and a minute, read on.
>>Sun Microsystems is donating $0.10 to a food bank each time an Internet
>>user sends an email msg to any (or all) of the three addresses below:
>>   santa at
>>   elves at
>>   rudolph at
>>Doesn't matter what the msg contains; it could be an empty msg, full of
>>invisible holiday spirit. Pick your favorite and send email there a few
>>times. If *everyone* on the net were to BCC all three addresses with every
>>msg they posted to a list for one day, the counter would top out almost
>>instantly, so this is like a weird and wonderful test of Mass Human Kindness.
>>You can do your part to help big fat international corporations make
>>good on their Promises of donations to charities. It only takes 250,000
>>msgs to reach the $25,000 Sun promised to donate to a Bay Area food bank
>>for homeless families. Other corporations are donating to selected causes,
>>including a banking firm in Washington DC that will donate up to $5,000 to
>>the Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage (only 50,000'l baby
>>birdies...furry baby rabbits... c'MON now! :)
>>Other corporations are participating too: any firms wishing to add matching
>>funds should contact Luther Brown at <elfmaster at>. The
>>announcement's in the Dec 94 Advanced Systems magazine (pg 22). Who knows,
>>someday you might see companies all across the globe donating part of their
>>obscene profits to children's charities in Sarajevo, San Francisco, Manila,
>>Mogadishu, Bombay, Moscow, Port-au-Prince, Bucharest, Shanghai, Rio de
>>Janeiro... everywhere Santa stops in.
>>Remember: any user can send multiple msgs, so please be counted at least
>>_once_, OK? There are not many such opportunities to directly affect
>>something with your computer, and it doesn't take the Compassion of
>>Siddhartha to see what's good about putting food in the mouths of little
>>children with no home, wherever they are.
>>  "So this is Christmas,
>>   And what have you done?..."
>>                  -John Lennon

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