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Erik V. Mas erikmas at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Dec 14 10:13:58 EST 1994

I am working with USGS land use land cover (LULC) files in ctg format.
I have imported a ctg file into GRASS and created GRASS format raster
files of land use land cover, hydrography, and political boundaries.
However, my mapset uses a geographic (lat/lon) projection, while the raster
files created from the ctg files are in a utm projection. Therefore, I need
to change the map projection of these GRASS raster files from lat/lon to utm.
I've found commands which will convert ascii lists of coordinates between the
two projections, but I can't seem to find a command that will allow me to
simply convert a GRASS raster file from one projection to another.
Has anyone done this before? It seems like it should be a fairly routine

Erik Mas
erikmas at

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