Newbie questions

Sue Tewalt x6437 stewalt at
Wed Dec 14 11:28:54 EST 1994

> Hello, I'm somewhat new to GRASS.  Two questions which everyone but me
> probably knows the answer for.  
> 1) Is there a way to size the GRASS monitor automatically (through scripting
> or by modifying the fifo device file) at the beginning of a GRASS session.

Set the following parameters in your .grassrc file found in your home

The numbers represent pixel size- adjust to your own deires.
> 2) When one has scripted several GRASS display commands, is there an easy way
> to "lock" the screen display until all the commands are complete, so the user
> can just look at the end result rather than all the intermediate display
> operations.

You could select the CELL monitor first in the script (writes to a file
called D_cell after the monitor is stopped) and then later
select the regular monitor and display the> D_cell file?

>     Zhian Li
>     Penn State University

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