SunOS related questions

Ohlund Kent Ohlund_Kent at
Wed Dec 14 15:17:51 EST 1994

I was hoping that someone out there could give a novice GRASS user a few basic
pointers on a standard SunOS installation of GRASS4.1

I have installed GRASS4.1 on SunOS4.1.2 and have a few questions regarding this

1) During the compile and link process, a number X related include files could
not be found, namely Xm related include files. Can someone shed some light on
this? (Version problem or whatever)

2) I am running GRASS fine it seems without Xm libraries. How will lack of Xm
support affect my GRASS usage?

3) I keep getting the following warning message: warning: /usr/lib/ has older revision than expected 8
Why is this? I thought SunOS 4.1.2 would be recent enough!! How might this
affect me if I don't fix the problem.

Thank You!

Kent Ohlund
ohlund at

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