How to adapt the .cshrc

Rick Thompson rick at
Wed Dec 14 16:26:06 EST 1994

Hi Bart,
> Is there a way to adapt some settings in my project .cshrc when i am 
> working in Grass.

You can set up a ~/.grass.cshrc file. Mine looks like this:

alias r.list 'g.list rast'
alias v.list 'g.list vect'
alias s.list 'g.list sites'
alias d.start 'setenv DISPLAY picard:0.0 ; d.mon start=x6'
alias 'd.mon select=x6'
alias d.stop 'd.mon stop=x6'
alias picset 'setenv DISPLAY picard:0.0'
alias h 'history 60'
alias loc 'cd $LOCATION'
alias mloc 'cd $LOCATION/mapgen/$MNAME'

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