FW: Dynamically changing window size

Mike Foster mike_foster at agcs.cas.psu.edu
Wed Dec 14 17:23:24 EST 1994

     Hello from Mike Foster, Water Quality Center, Penn State University.  I
am supervising Zhian Li on that GRASS monitor dynamic resizing problem.  

     To clarify further, we can easily change the .grassrc file contents
dynamically and make the changes take effect by exiting and restarting GRASS.
 This enables us to size the monitor as we choose at the beginning of a GRASS
session, among other things.

     However, how can changes in the .grassrc file take effect WITHOUT
exiting and re-starting GRASS?  A simple Bourne shell script (inspired by
GIS.sh) as follows does NOT do the job UNLESS Zhian exits, then restarts

g.gisenv XDRIVER_HEIGHT=$1
g.gisenv XDRIVER_WIDTH=$2
eval `g.gisenv`

What silly  thing have(n't) we done?

Thanks for any thoughts from you all.

    Mike Foster
    Penn State University

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Subject: Dynamically changing window size
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Hello everyone:

           Thanks a lots, I have received several replies for the problem
with regarding to resizing the window from grass environment.  I appreciate
those very much.  Now we can dynamically change the value
of the XDRIVER_* by using the g.gisenv command.  However, I am having trouble
in getting  GRASS to adopt the new values, i.e., though the values of the
XDRIVER_* changed, they are not available to the environment, unless I quit
from grass and reactivate it.  Please send
me your suggestion.   Thank you in advance.

        zhian li 

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