Scott Miller miller at tucson.ars.ag.gov
Mon Dec 19 23:18:32 EST 1994

Good day,

I seem to have run into a snag using s.surf.tps.  Whenever I try and
run this routine, it fails and I am returned a series of messages such

(line 400)Site description not prefixed with '#': 1427.966

And so on for all the sites until I stop the routine.  It appears that 
I simply need to insert a '#' before my site description, but have been
unable to obtain any documentation for this.  Am I correct in my assumption?

Thanks for any ideas,


Scott Miller				e-mail: miller at tucson.ars.ag.gov
USDA ARS SWRC				phone: 602-670-6481 ext. 156
2000 E. Allen Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85719

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