Help for Grass installation

Frederic Laffay fl21 at
Thu Dec 22 17:50:31 EST 1994

        Dear Sirs,

        My name is Stephane Grenouille, I prepare a post-graduate diploma (5 
years after the high school diploma) in geography to the Lumiere University 
to Lyon (France).

        With a friend, we have donwloaded this night the file GRASS.TAR.GZ.

        We have a Windows platform .  We have unzipping the file with 
GZIP.EXE.  That has had for effect to create a file GRASS.TAR;  when one 
uses TAR.EXE, the next message appears:  tar.out:  no such file or directory 
found. I do not think that that is normal!

        Can you help us to implement this application?

        If necessary, we can have a Linux platform.  We are in the process 
to anticipate some the installation to short term.

        Thanking you for all the assistance that you will be able to bring 
us, is directly, is to the breadth of persons using this software.

        Receive, Dear Sirs, the expression of our consideration.

                                Stephane Grenouille, University Lumiere, 
Lyon - 2, France
                                Frederic Laffay, University Jean Moulin, 
Lyon-3, France

P.S. : Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

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